Food Words I Cannot Spell

So I’m a terrible speller. I grew up with auto correct and it is my friend. My 7th grade teacher is still rolling her eyeballs trying to get me to learn how to spell “ceiling”. See I did learn that one. Well here’s a running list of all the words I’ve found I cannot spell while putting together this blog:

“Mayonnaise” rather than “Mayonaise”

“Espresso” is not spelled like this “Expresso”

“Vinaigrette” is not spelled “Vinagrete”

“Anchovy” has a y not an ie like “Anchovie”

“Worcestershire” seriously, who can spell that. Not me.

“Recipe” well I really can’t spell, ’cause it recipe has no pie in it. Not “recipie”.

Oh I’m quite sure this list will grow and grow and grow.